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During this adventure I have amassed a great amount of information.  This site will be evolving over time and will be updated with new and revised information as it is gathered. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with providing information or research leads to date. I encourage anyone connected to these families to please continue to submit revisions to this information. I will share whatever I have with anyone showing a family connection. I welcome any updates or leads, please include any sources or  documentation with your information if you know.  I do not post my notes and sources on line to protect the living. Most every name has a source or documentation for reference.

A very special thanks to Aunt Zelma Lee and Aunt Bea for their Memories!  They have provided a wealth of information.


Good luck to all as we backtrack down the roads that our forbearer’s traveled before us!

From our family to yours…May we someday meet.

Di Ann Tarhalla


Researching the following surnames:

Matthews / May / Raines / Atkinson / Bumgardner / Wade / King  / Metcalf / Dickinson / McClaren / Sherrill / Swafford / Talley / Kelley / Moren / Tarchala / Tarhalla

Researching the following Countries:

USA /Wales/Ireland /England / Poland

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