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Stephen Gibbs Raines is believed to a relative to John Gibbs Raines. There is certainly a family resemblance. If anyone has any additional information or ideas, they would be greatly appreciated.


This unusual ancestor told a lot of very interesting stories about his past and ancestry. Some people said that he was born in France and came to America on a boat with a circus. Other people said that he joined a circus when he was a young boy and went to France by ship. Johnny told his grandkids that his father went to Africa on a safari and was never heard from again.
Johnny was a small man, not weighing over a hundred pounds all of his life.  His hair stayed black until the day he died.  People said that he was over a hundred years old when he died, but his death certificate said that he was ninety one.

written by
Sioux Ellison Johnston



Three of the children of John Gibbs Raines and Mazie Emily Nipper Raines. Pearl, Andrew and Fanny Jewel Raines  


                  Andrew Jackson Raines left  married  Iris Matthews right with their two oldest daughters Zelma Lee and Isla Ree Raines The third child Othell came about a year later.

Concord Baptist church near Gilmer, Upshur County, Texas. Baptism of Iris Matthews Raines (daughter of James Lewis Matthews and Lenora Atkinson Matthews) Fifth from the left standing in the water.

James Lewis Matthews and Lenora "Nora" Atkinson Matthews. James is the son of William Dickenson Matthews and Agnes Jane May. Lenora  is the daughter of Richard Andrews Atkinson and Mary Caroline "Mollie" Metcalf

Tessie Farmer and Ben Matthews, Ben is the son of James Lewis Matthews and Lenora Atkinson Matthews. Tessie is the daughter of Andrew N. Farmer and Susan Elizabeth "Sue" Minor.

 Elijah Nipper and Nancy Cole Nipper. I am still looking for parents for both of them. He father is believed to be Thomas Cole. I found records at the Sutro Library for her with a Thomas Cole and Nippers living next door. I found it on micro film. That is why we dropped the Bloodworth surname. I need to go back and retrieve the micro film numbers.


Willie Wade and Joseph (Jodie) Bumgardner  both born in Arkansas and lived in the Pulaski County, Arkansas. Willie is the daughter of William Thomas Wade and Lenora "Nora" King.


    Herbert Bumgardner a son of Willie Wade and Joseph (Jodie) Bumgardner  born in Pulaski County Arkansas and raised his family in Houston, Harris County, Texas.

Isla Ree (Marie) Raines born in Gilmer, Upshur County, Texas and married first Morris Bostick and later Herbert Bumgardner.

Morris Bostick. First husband of Isla Ree Raines. If you have any information on the Bostick family please email Jane Horn

Henry Nipper and Family, any other information would be appreciated.


James Atkinson Mabra and Nancy Elizabeth "Bettie" Barber family. His parents are Joseph Mabra and Hester Ann Atkinson.

John Elijah Nipper family. The wife in this picture is assumed to be Sarah Ann White. He was married 3 times. Sarah was his first wife married in Georgia. This family settled in Upshur County, Texas. Sarah died  in Goergia.


Joseph Mabra and Hester (Atkinson) Mabra. They came from Tennessee and settled in Dallas County, Texas.  Her parents are John Speed Atkinson and Nancy McClaren.




Mary Caroline Metcalf is the daughter of Silas Jones Metcalf and Sarah Caroline Kerr. She married Richard Andrews Atkinson. They married in Panola County, Texas and later moved to Upshur County, Texas.


 Sarah (Hartley) King, Martha "Mattie" King and  Child, Evelyn King. Sarah Hartley is the second wife of John King who settled in Saline County, Arkansas.  Martha "Mattie" Abercrombie  who is married to Sarah and John's son, John Ed King. I have not connected the name of Evelyn  to John and Mattie.

Richard L. Atkinson family. Any additional information would be appreciated.


Matthews Family Reunion 1925


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