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John Gibbs Raines was born about 1847, family members relate stories about him being from Humboldt Tennessee. There is a John G. Raines on the 1850 census record that would work. His father on this census is David Raines son of Asa Raines. We have him married to Mazie  Emily Nipper May 24, 1884 in Camp County Texas. They say he ran away and joined the circus in Colorado. We also have Indian tales. On a resent genealogy road trip to Tennessee we obtained some Raines surname DNA samples . The results show a positive match for the John on the 1850 census to be our John.

Nancy Poindexter from Tennessee now has parents. We know she married Gideon Atkinson March 13, 1841 and moved from Marshall County Tennessee to Panola County Texas.  She died before 1853. That's when Gideon married  Jane Hardin in Panola County, Texas.

Peter Bumgardner born about 1797 In North Carolina and needs parents. He married Ann Mary Nancy Gregory October 01, 1817 Rutherford County, Tennessee. He died after the 1850 census and is buried in Lawrence County, Alabama. It looks like he will connect to  Peter Bumgardner and Nancy Burner. On any documents he is not listed as a child. However he is living in the same area of two of their daughters and marry in the same town and approximate dates so they could be relatives. They must be related some how. If anyone has any views on the topic I would love to hear them.

Shasta or Sarah Craig is remembered to be the mother of John Gibbs Raines. However we are unable to establish any relationship on paper. Family memories include a brother and a sister to John. This would be George Craig Raines and Fanny Shay Raines. George Craig Raines served in the Civil War, Missouri Union Soldiers, Rank Private - Regiment 30th Iowa Company A - Died March 14, 1863, Soldiers Buried in St. Louis, Missouri.

Looking for parents of William Thomas Wade, Born 1865 in Georgia. Found in Arkansas by 1880.


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